Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blog Tour: Dear Daemon

Our favorite alien has set up his own advice column…yeah, you heard me right, Daemon Black giving advice. But because you just couldn’t help asking him some-very personal-questions, he’s very kindly answered those for you too!

[1]Dear (rolls eye) Daemon; How do you deal with the anger that arises due to arrogant, cocky, smart asses like you? My school is full of em =.=

Dear Rolls Eyes,

    If your school is full of arrogant, cocky smart asses like me, then you shouldn’t be angry. You should feel blessed to be around such well-rounded people. I think the best thing is to step back, recognize the awesomeness that is someone like me, and take a deep breath. Life’s too short to be angry, especially for humans.

Yours truly,

[2] Dear Daemon What name should I give my main character? Please note: it´s a girl Thank you. Mara and Lila

Dear Name Changer,

I think names should mean something, but I’ve always thought Sophia was a pretty name.

Yours truly,

[3] Dear Daemon, There's this guy I like...I think. Well, he's hot and I enjoy kissing him...anyway, he's kind of a jackass and a know it all and likes to embarrass me in front of other people. How can i get him to be nicer?

Dear Bad Situation,

Look, all guys can be assholes. We are born with an inherent asshole trait and it rears its head at the most inopportune times. But embarrassing you in front of other people? That’s not good. I did that once and well, we know how that ended, even though I had good intentions. Don’t worry about making him nicer. Worry about finding someone who’s actually nice. 

Yours truly,

[4] Dear Daemon, Hi I'm Carley, I'm 13... love you and the relationship you have with Katy. Why do you call Katy Kitten, the real reason please? It’s been buggin me just have one name for her, lord!!!!! Thanks for reading ;P

Dear Carley,

I call her Kitten, because she reminds me of a kitten. You know how a kitten is all cute and playful, but when you bug them when they are trying to sleep, they put their little ears down, hiss, and swat at you with their tiny claws that can’t do any damage? Kat gets like that. It’s cute.

Yours truly,

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