Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This or That with Phoebe Kitandis Author of Glimmer

Today I would like to welcome Phoebe Kitandis for a round of This or That! Thanks for stopping by and answering questions Phoebe! :)

iPhone or Android.
I have an Android, but no platform loyalty. Actually, I have half a mind to switch to nothing and enjoy being unplugged and out of touch.

Coffee or Tea.
Seattle has turned me into a coffee geek. I find myself saying things like, “Mmm, nice cocoa notes in this roast!” Really.

Beach or Mountains.
Let me answer this in the form of a bad haiku:

BEACH. Sorry, mountains:
full of bears, mud, hikes, and spring
rains my husband loves.

Mac or PC.
In theory I should be a Mac person, but I’ve been using a PC since age 6, so. John Hodgman made it okay to be a PC!

Boy Next Door or Bad Boy
I’ll have one of each, pls. ;)

Real Books or eBooks
Ebooks. *robot voice* I have been assimilated.

Night Owl or Morning Bird
I’m more of a classic day-type, peak hours late morning and early evening.

Truth or Dare
They’re awfully hard to separate! Ironically, truth takes more courage, but dare is more likely to lead to a good story.

TV Shows or Movies
Oh, TV shows, easy. I get unhealthily attached to characters.

Twitter or Facebook
Facebook because my family and friends are there. Thanks for asking the questions.
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