Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teenage Garage Sale with Susanne Winnacker Author of The Other Life

I'm happy to welcome Susanne Winnacker, author of The Other Life, to Hooked to Books today.  Susanne will be giving us an idea of the things she liked as a teenager - garage sale style. 
Thanks for stopping by Susanne!

Today I’m going to do a post about the things you’d find in a garage sale from my teen years.

- Backstreet Boys CDs. Many of them. I think my obsession with them started when I was 11 or 12 and lasted for about two years. (my 13 year-old self would’ve killed me if I’d sold her BB CDs!)

- Backstreet Boys posters, t-shirts, necklaces, videos, bed-linen…

- About 50 copies of “Mein Hund” which translates into “My dog” and is a German magazine for dog lovers. I read it religiously.

- Books about dog breeds, cat breeds, and all kind of other pets.

- My first computer!!! I got it when I was 16! It was huge and slow but I was so happy when my mother gave it to me. I think I was one of the last of my friends who had one. Today I can’t even imagine how I ever lived without internet!

- My first mobile phone. It was super heavy and the buttons were huge too. I rarely used it but I was very proud to own it.

- Two old walkmans and many tapes, as well as a discman.

- Two pairs of Doc Martens – one of them black and the other white with flowers. They don’t look so good anymore because I wore them almost every day when I was about 13 (that was before I started wearing high heels).

Thanks for having me on your blog today!

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