Thursday, February 2, 2012

Character This or That: Cate from Born Wicked

 Jessica Spotswood has been awesome enough to answer some questions for us from Cate's POV from Born Wicked. I'm so excited for this book and love getting more of a look into Cate's head before reading it.

Thanks for stopping by Jessica!
Maura or Tess  : Cate’s relationship with Tess is less complicated by sibling rivalry. She’s been a sort of mother figure to Tess since their mother died. And she really admires how clever and observant Tess is.

Family or Friends : Family is everything to Cate. At the beginning of the book, she’s kept herself and her sisters isolated since their mother died, so she doesn’t have any close friends who know her secrets.

Night or
Day : Cate loves being outside and working in her garden.

Beach or Mountains : Cate used to read old pirate stories when she was little, and she dreamed of being able to sail away and have adventures.

Good Girl or Bad Girl : Cate wants very badly to be a good person, but the Brothers preach that witches and their magic are inherently evil. It’s something she really struggles with.

Witchcraft or
Love : Cate would give up her magic in a heartbeat if she could to keep the people she loves safe.
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