Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guest Post: This or That with Constance Sharper

I'm excited to welcome Constance Sharper, author of Airborne, to the blog today as part of Teen Book Scene blog tour!
Check out her answers to these This or That questions.

Unicorns or Zombies
I know I should go with the sweet option but I have to pick zombies. Why? I’ve always figured I’d do well during a zombie apocalypse. Not just because I watch too many movies or live in one of the most well armed states in America, but because surviving zombies takes some skill.  And outrunning the person next to you. Like I said, skill. J

iPhone or Blackberry

Okay, I’ll just admit it now. Technology and me are a dangerous mix. Never have me within a mile of a computer or you can watch it go up in flames. Because of this, I’ll have to pick IPhone because I’ve had a decent amount of luck with the IPods and I’d hope that luck would hold out.

Dog or Cat
Cats hate me and I have a dog. Enough said.

TV or Movies
Maybe it’s ironic for an author but I have the attention span of a rodent. Probably why there is so much action in my books. But this is also why I have to go with TV. I can survive a TV show but a movie will have to blow my mind to keep my interest.

Truth or Dare
Now dare is just more fun. Period.

Dinner or Dessert
The only reason I eat dinner is so that I can get to dessert. And admit it, you agree.

Mac or PC
I’ve mentioned before that I’m bad at technology. I’ll have to go with what I know, this being the PC. It’ll lessen those blog postings you’ll get from me that look like th#2isS

Beach or Mountains
You’d think I’d like the beach after living in Florida but that’s just the reason I don’t like the beach. Too hot and too many sweaty tourist. Time for some change and in my mind that means it’s time for mountains!

Night Owl or Early Bird
Night Owl has to be the way to go. Something about staying awake is easier than waking up. You know what I mean.

Rock or Country
I love rock and I usually play rock on my bass guitar.

Too Hot or Too Cold
I’m not a cold person. And I live in Florida. I can survive those horrible humid summers but I’ve never seen snow nor driven on ice. I imagine if I tried, it’d just be embarrassing.

Text or Talk
Texting is a great way to avoid those awkward long conversations. It’s also a great way to talk to your friends while you’re at work. Just not while driving or rollerblading. Trust me.

Thanks for stopping by the blog, Constance! Make sure to check out her book - Airborne!
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