Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review by Megan! - Brother/Sister

By Sean Olin
Published June 9, 2011
ARC Received From Razorbill (Penguin)

Will and Asheley have a troubled past. Their father left them when they were little, and their mother has just been carted off to an alcohol treatment center. Now, they have the house to themselves, and an endless California summer stretching out before them. Through alternating perspectives, they tell the story of how and why their lives spun violently out of control - right up to the impossibly shocking conclusion you'll have to read for yourself to believe. - Goodreads

This review is courtesy of one of my IRL BFF's - Megan. She has blogged here before and will again I'm sure. You can check out her personal blog here and Twitter here. She is fantabulous!

I did not finish this book.  You should not take that as a sign that you should or should not read it yourself, because if you're interested you definitely should read it.  It's not a bad book.  In fact, it's quite well-written. The characters are distinct and (mostly) believable (I just don't believe a teenage brother and sister hold each other that much, but I don't come from a touchy-feely family and also we have never murdered anyone). My feelings for the book are totally my own, so take this opinion with a grain of salt.
The book is divided into two different points of view which alternate each chapter.  It is not a spoiler to tell you that someone dies.  And that Will, the titular brother, is the murderer.  Asheley, the sister, is an innocent bystander.  In each of their respective chapters they tell their account of the event.  It is understood that they are in separate rooms being interrogated by the police, but you never hear anyone else talk.  
The blurb on the back of the book claims that there is an "impossibly shocking conclusion that you'll have to read to believe."  I have no doubt that something incredible happens.  Maybe something mind-blowing that I will hear about at a later time and I will be so sad for not having found out on my own.  This is entirely possibly.  But the set-up was just not enough to keep me interested.
Therefore I have come up with my own conclusions.  I promise that if any of these are correct, it is PURELY coincidental and you are not allowed to hate me.  Promise you won't hate me.  Promise?  Okay.
*Will did not murder him.  Asheley did.  The narrators are completely unreliable.
*Neither of them murdered anyone.  They were bored, heard that a body washed up, and turned themselves in for a laugh.
*They are aliens.
*No. They are vampires.
*NO. They are werewolves. 
*Yes, werewolves.
*The whole thing is a dream. 
*Will and Asheley are the SAME PERSON. Did I just blow your mind?    I kind of blew mine.  I may have just convinced myself to finish the book.
So.  One, all, or none of those may come true.  Just saying.
To reiterate: Interesting premise, solid characters, nice mystery.  Just not enough for me.  But you should totally read it.  And then tell me what happens.  Do it.  I'll be standing by.   

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