Thursday, May 26, 2011

Armchair BEA: Blogging Relationships

So, today's topic is about blogging relationships - how we develop them, how we interact, and how we keep them going. At first, it is a little overwhelming - there are so many bloggers! Names to remember, twitter handles to keep straight with blog names, and people to respond to. So, where do you start?

Blogger Relationships
First, the thing I try to do the most - respond to all comments left on my blog. This can be hard sometimes but if someone leaves me a comment I always try to get back to them on their blog. While I'm there I also check out their content, see if it is something I would like, and check for a Twitter. One person I met by replying to comments is Reagan from Miss Remmers Review. I am so happy I got to be friends with this chick! She is funny and caring and one of my favorite people I've met blogging. We text and talk about other stuff besides books and I really love our conversations. I had an early miscarriage back in January and she sent me flowers. How sweet is that?! So, if you haven't checked out her blog - you need to. 

Also, I love Twitter. If you don't have one you are definitely missing out. I've met some great people on there and have found some awesome blogs because of it. One person I met through Twitter was Heidi from YA Bibliophile. She is a School Librarian as well and I really love that I met another one. We are talking about doing book clubs with our kids next year and letting them interact. My principals think it's a great idea and I'm excited to do it! Without Twitter, I might not have found her and all the awesomeness she brings to the table.

Publisher Relationships
A lot of the relationships I've made with publisher contacts have been great but I've gotta say - I think being a school librarian has helped a lot. When I started contacting publishers I made sure to include that I was a school librarian, this got my email sent to the library outreach contact and I've been able to get some great books to share with my students and other teachers. Some of my best contacts are Scholastic, Penguin, Harper Collins, and Simon & Schuster. All the contacts I've talked to from these companies have been friendly, helpful, and always email me back.  

Author Relationships
This is definitely one thing I need to work on and hopefully get some tips from other bloggers! I'm always so backwards about contacting them - even if I LOVE their book! Sure, I've @'ed some on Twitter telling them how amazing their book is and they've responded back but never sent an email or tried to build any type of relationship. I would love to change this though. When I went to the Breathless Reads tour I was the "official blogger" so I got to talk to all the authors for a little longer. They all said I could email them with questions anytime - so I might take them up on that. Build relationships, right? 

So, how do you build relationships with others in the book blogging world? Leave me a link to your post so I can check it out!


MiaandSofia said...

A great post! I agree on your Author relationships, I sure need to interact with them more often!
Here's my Airmchair BEA post :)

Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn in Bookland) said...

Lovely post! I agree that Twitter is such a huge key in networking with other bloggers/authors/publishers. I love how you try to reply to all of your comments as well---really sweet.

Here is my post on book blogging relationships!

Trisha said...

Great advice! I must admit that developing relationships is a bit difficult for me due to how time consuming it is!

A Backwards Story said...

I loved meeting you on Twitter tonight! I think we had a lot in common and look forward to following you and seeing what you have to say :)

What sort of school do you work at? I have so much respect for librarians!

Miss Remmers said...

Ahh! Thanks girl you're so sweet!!!

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