Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Hop and Follow Friday (4/1)

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The question this week is:
"Since today is April Fool's Day in the USA, what is the best prank you have ever played on someone OR that someone has played on you?"
I can't really think of any prank I've played or someone has played on me. Is that sad? I'm sure there has been something but nothing that really sticks out. I don't really play any pranks though. I would love to hear about your pranks though! Leave a link in the comments. :)
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The question this week is:
 What is the book you really don't want to admit to loving?
Hmm.. Honestly, nothing. I know a lot of people are going to say the Twilight series - but I will admit to loving it. I've always loved reading but Twilight got me back into it. I know the writing isn't great but oh well - it's an entertaining read. And I just love Edward. :)


Andrea said...

No fabulous pranks here. But I would still love to win a book!

Lisa (Lisa's World of Books) said...

Hi There! Hope your Friday is good! My answer is here:

I Eat Words said...

Haha I totally forgot about Twilight! That is sort of a guilty pleasure :P

Lisa said...

I couldn't think of a book I don't want to admit to loving either. I'm proud of what I read no matter what the material is.

I agree that I'm not afraid or embarrassed to admit I love the Twilight series. Yes, like you, I know the writing isn't the best but it's still a great story.

kathy said...

I read embarrassing books all the time - at least that's how it feels when I go to check them out of the library. :) The most recent embarrassing read was e lockhart's The Boyfriend List. It's a cute story, but probably geared more towards 15 yr. olds than people with toddlers.
Happy Friday!

Tribute Books Mama said...

Just hopping by, stop and see mine,and my giveaways.

Nina Gonzo said...

*high 5* for the people who aren`t embarrassed to love Twilight.
New follower ! (:

Here`s my Follow Friday/Book blogger hop

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I didn't say Twilight. I think mine is a bit worse than that. I'm not much of pranker but I think that is why people love playing pranks on me.

Lucia (iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books) said...

Nah, it's not sad. I haven't been a pranker or prankee, either!

Happy Friday! :)
iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books

Howard Sherman said...

At first I wasn't going to participate in this week's Book Blogger Hop. I'm not even sure why.

But here I am. And I'm glad! To dispel any false impressions people may have had about me being a old, stodgy fuddy-duddy I'm happy to share some of my very best pranks with you.

Highlights include - low-grade explosives, eggs and salt shakers. Get all the side-splitting details over on my blog -

They date back to my younger years as a Brooklyn boy which brings about some introspection.

I'm going to go pull some pranks today. Look out world! I'm coming out of prankster retirement!
Howard Sherman

Elizabeth said...

No pranks played by me or directed at me..thank goodness...I think they are cruel things to do.

I am stopping by from the blog hop.

Hope you have a fun blog hop.

Stop by my blog if you like to see my answer.

Fiction Spark said...

Hi, dropping by from the Hop and Follow Friday by the way I'm your newest follower coz I love your blog it's way gorgeous. Hope you'll come visit my blog too.

Have a great weekend.

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