Saturday, March 12, 2011

Looking for a book for my dad

Hey y'all. I know this isn't the normal book I would talk about on here BUT I'm looking for a book for my dad and we can't find it anywhere. He trains dogs (mostly German Shepherds) and sells then to police depts and home protection and stuff. The book he is looking for is:

Unrevealed Secrets About Training Your Dog by C.A. Roy

If y'all know of any sites besides book depository and amazon or even if you just run across it we will send you the money for it! 



Sesshoumarucrazy said...

I will keep a look out but it seems to be hard to find. Does he happen to know who published it?

nymfaux said...

ditto Sesshourmarucrazy--I was going to ask if you knew the publisher--you might be able to get the isbn#, or ask them if it's under another title, or variations on the author's name.

I usually get good results with and nada also looks like it can help find hard to find books, if you don't have all the info.

Best of luck!!!!--I know how hard it is to shop for Dads!!!

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