Friday, March 25, 2011

Blogger Hop and Follow Friday (3/25)

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The question this week is:
If you could physically put yourself into a book or series...which one would it be and why?
 Hmm.. Probably Harry Potter. I love the world that Rowling's created with Harry Potter and I think it would be fun to go to Hogwart's and learn about magic with Harry and the gang. Out of all the books, these are the ones I go back to and reread over and over again.
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The question this week is:
Inspired by the inane twitter trend of #100facts about me, give us five book related silly facts about you. 
1. I love audiobooks. I find it so much easier for me to get through books faster when I listen to some and read some. 
2. I usually have 3 books going at once - an audio book, a regular book and a book on my Nook.
3. I'm a book hoarder. I buy way too many books - half of which I just had to have and still haven't had time to read.
4. I normally don't preorder books because I hate the thought of it not getting to me on release day. So, I'll drive the hour to a book store just to pick it up. (Except City of Fallen Angels, I preordered the signed copy of that.)
5.  My husband and I like to go 4wheeling in the summer but you will find me with earbuds in listening to a book or sitting in the Teryx reading (especially if its just a group of guys that go and I'm the only girl).


Lisa said...

I love audio books too! I have a 40 minute drive each way to work each day so it is wonderful to listen to a good book!

My answers are here -

Book Nerds said...

I am exactly like you on 1-3!!

Al said...

I have never listened to an audiobook. I'm always afraid I won't be able to focus on it long enough. (I get sidetracked easily!)
and I've never read the HP series. I know, it's probably like a cardinal sin, but I just can't make myself start them.
<3 Al

Sakura Sandra said...

Hi, hi. I am your newest follower and you should stop by my blog to follow me too. :)

Thanks. I like audiobooks as well, they're especially great on long road trips. I used to have to drive out of state for work trips a lot and I always stopped to rent a book from Cracker Barrel on my way out of the area. :)

Jess (Gone with the Words) said...

Audiobooks are a must for me too. I have to have one going while I'm driving and sometimes I can listen while working. :D

Khadija said...

Happy Hopping!

Jessica said...

I use to hate preordering books as well, because I want the book on its release day. Currently job hunting now, I have been preordering a lot of books because they've been on sale and I have to take a sale while my funds are limited. Although there are a few books that I will absolutely not be preordering because they are must-read-nows! :)

Here's my Friday Hops

Have a GREAT weekend!

Old follower
Jessica@a GREAT read

Howard Sherman said...

Apologies in advance for my answer this week as it will not immediately resonate with the book blogger population which happens to be 99.5% female.

My choice is a book series geared towards guys which won’t enthrall the vast majority of my fellow book bloggers (who are almost entirely female) with the extensive discussion of powerful weapons and sexy milspec gear, beautiful women, eye-popping action sequences (with occasionally obscene violence), and the like.

But there IS something in my answer that just about everyone of the female persuasion can benefit from my decidedly “books for guys” post. Hop on over to to find out what it is.

Happy Hop Friday!

Howard Sherman

Lindsay said...

Ooooh I've been meaning to ask if you'd pre-ordered the signed copy from B&N! I actually first ordered from Amazon, then remembered about the signed one and canceled it lol.

Cozy in Texas said...

Lots of people picked Harry Potterland. I haven't delved into any of these.

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I have never preordered a book in my life :)

old follower

Bella said...

I'd love to go to Hogwarts, that would be so cool! I'd love to learn the spells and sleep in dorms... :L
I've never listened to an audio book! I don't have the time to listen to them, and I think I prefer reading them myself. Maybe I'll try listening to one, see what I think :L Have a great week!

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Alison said...

Hopping through. I love going to pick up books on release day too. :-)
My Hop

Joyce said...

I've got a collection of unread books too!! Love my Nook!
I'm your newest follower! Please stop by my blog and follow me back!

Mad Scientist said...

Hmm... 5 facts, I thimk I shall stick to one. I enjoy reading!

If I was stuck in Sherrilyn Kenyon's dark hunter series you will never see me again! *licks lips*

Mad Scientsit

Elizabeth said...

Harry Potter popped up again...I have to be in the minority with the Harry Potter books....I have never read one of them. :)

Hope you have a fun hop.

My answer has three choices...stop by if you like.

~Mallary~ said...

I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who hoards books that I've yet to read. I have an especially hard time when I see awesome books on clearance racks...even if I know that I won't have the time to read them, I still buy them. My fiance always laughs when I come back from getting the one book I set out for...b/c I've usually picked up 5 more LOL.

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