Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wrapping Up 2010 (A day late!)

Jamie at The Perpetual Page Tuner came up with a end of 2010 survey and I thought I would participate!

1. Best Book of 2010
I've gotta go with Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I read The Hunger Games when it first came out and I waited two years to find out what was going to happen with Katniss. I know a lot of people didn't really like the way she ended it but I LOVED this book.

2. Worst Book of 2010
Really, I can't answer this. I don't finish reading books if I don't like them so nothing I read this year was the worst.

3. Most Disappointing Book of 2010
I know I'm probably in the minority here but Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare was probably the most disappointing. I think its because I just loved The Mortal Instruments so freakin' much and I wanted more Jace. I ended up liking the book but not as much as I thought I would.

4. Most Surprising Book (in a good way!) in 2010
The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff. I normally don't like creepy books but I heard so much good stuff about this book that I had to read it and I ended up loving it.

5. Book You Recommended to People Most in 2010
The Hunger Games series, hands down. Loved these books and recommended them to everyone.

6. Best Series Discovered in 2010
House of Night series by PC Cast and Kristin Cast. I can't believe I didn't read these books until this year! I read all of them within the last month or so and can not wait for the next one!

7. Favorite New Authors of 2010
Carrie Ryan. I LOVED The Dead Tossed Waves and am so looking forward to the next book.

8. Most Hilarious Read of 2010
Honestly, I didn't read anything that sticks out to me as hilarious.

9. Most Thrilling Unputdownable Book of 2010
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I read it in a day. Loved. it.

10. Book You Anticipated the Most for 2010
Again, Mockingjay. Couldn't wait for it.

11. Favorite Cover of a Book You read in 2010
Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Simple cover but so pretty.

12. Most Memorable Character in 2010
Jace from The Mortal Instruments. I just loved him so freakin' much.

13. Most Beautifully Written Book in 2010
Shiver and Linger by Maggie Stiefvater. Just so perfectly and beautifully written. I listened to them on audio on vacation at the beach and fell in love.

14. Book that had the Greatest Impact on You in 2010
Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer. These books haunted me and really made me think about what life would be like if something like this happened.

15. Book You Can't Believe You Waited Until 2010 to Finally Read
House of Night series.

With Grad School and working full time taking up almost all of my time I didn't get to read nearly as much as I would have liked. I finished the year reading 26 books NEW books. (I think. I might have missed some before I started really keeping track on Goodreads). I also reread all the Hunger Game books as well as the last three Harry Potter books. I definitely plan on reading more this year. I also want to go to BEA this year. My principal will approve the time off work as professional development but I'm definitely going to have to work on the hubby and getting him to let me go by myself. (Really. I'm 27. At least he cares...)

I hope y'all had a Happy New Years and I look forward to getting to know more of y'all this year!

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