Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've been MIA - Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Sorry I've been MIA y'all. I've been crazy busy at work and home and really haven't had any time for reading/blogging or for that  matter being at my house. Hopefully things get back to normal soon. 

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Oh and if you're the praying type - I could use some tomorrow.


Miss Remmers said...

Hey girl! Relax, take a weekend! I know sometimes that's what I need to do. Never feel obligated to post (I say that but ... do as I say not what I do) :) Hope all is well!

Melissa @ Mel's Books and Info said...

I can so relate! Work has been nuts for us lately too, and we have some issues that need to be worked out with policies and procedures. It has kept me from blogging for a while, so I can tell you I know how you feel.

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